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How did a dog brought back the stolen Julie Rime Trophy in 1966?

The Three Lions beat the Germans 3-0 in front of a big crowd at Wembley. Even though they haven’t done that since, they will have a chance to remember that victory when they play Germany on Saturday in Berlin. Almost 50 years after they lost to Germany at Wembley in the finals, the Three Lions have a chance to relive their glory days when they play Germany on Saturday.When Bobby Moore took the Jules Rimet prize, the iconic picture of him holding it would have been very different if Pickles had not intervened.

The story

A few months before this weekend’s start of the World Cup in France, the Football Association was in a panic because the World Cup had been taken away from them. Sunday, March 20, was the Jules Rimet trophy’s last day at Westminster’s Central Hall. It was taken out of its case at a stamp show in London’s central neighborhood.Due to the fact that there were no security guards on duty when the cup was stolen, it isn’t clear how it was taken.According to Dr. Martin Atherton of ‘The Theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy,’ it’s not true that the Jules Rimet Trophy was always in the middle of people.

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“This was a mess in every way, from the FA’s permission for the trophy to be taken away to the whole process of getting the trophy back.

“It turns out that the person who was in charge of security was at least 74 years old. This hotel’s security measures were terrible.

Two people used an emergency exit to get into the building, take the trophy, and then leave.World Cup: A cop stands guard next to it. One of the Jules Rimet Awards was taken from a display case at the Stampex show in March 1966. A ransom note was written on its back.

A Scotland Yard investigation was started, but there were few leads to go on, so it didn’t go very far.In the case of Atherton, “a tall person and a small person” were talked about in their own way.

It was a mix of the two descriptions that the police gave, in fact, though.

George Bird, a silversmith, was hired by the FA to make a copy of the trophy.

Somebody named Jackson sent a ransom demand for $15,000 to then FA chairman Joe Mears. The ransom message was signed by someone named Jackson.


Mears made it look like he agreed to the deal because he had been recommended by the police.In Battersea Park, a man named Jackson was found with a bag full of newspapers and £5 notes. He was arrested and taken into custody by an undercover police officer.


In the end, it worked out well.

However, even though Betchley was arrested, the trophy was still missing. It wasn’t until Sunday night, March 27th, that the most important information was found.

Dave Corbett left his Norwood, Massachusetts, apartment to make a phone call and walk his dog, Pickles. This was a rare moment of alone time. At first, they didn’t know what was going to happen.

He said, “Pickles was running around my next-door neighbor’s car.”

“I was attaching the lead when I came across this weird thing. I saw that it was just wrapped in newspaper, but it was very tightly knotted.”You can see the names of Brazil, West Germany, and Uruguay on the shield if you tear a piece off the bottom.”After a while, I came to a woman who was holding a shallow dish above her head on the other side of the room.

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