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Find out the best sport in the world and why is it so famous?

Sport is a multitude of activities. It includes physical and mental games that stimulate our brains and refresh our minds. So, we all have a favourite game, more or less, that we have been playing since the early teenage years or started liking to get over from the hectic work schedule. If you want to know if your favourite sport is on the list or not, then please scroll below to find it out.

Popularity basis

Now, you must be thinking about how we categorize the most popular sport on the earth. We do it on a population level. Since there are no rigid criteria for deciding which sport dominates the world, we are taking the majority as the popularity measurement option.


According to the most trusted surveys and reports, football is the most popular sport on the earth right now. There are eight billion people on earth, and more than four billion of them love football. The reason behind the massive popularity of football is also very legit. It is a game of the masses. You only need a ball, and you are good to go to play it. So, you can make a local team on the streets and start playing football till you make it big to the World Cup Or international tournaments. Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

Back story

If you look back, you will find out that Ronaldo, Messi, and many international football sensations came into the limelight through football and belonged to impoverished families. So, football does not only give you momentary pleasure but also provides you with a chance to change your life forever. Undoubtedly, it is currently the most popular game on earth, and the fan count is only rising with time.

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Most historians agree on this point that football originally came from great China. Then slowly, when the Chinese folks started to explore the world, they made football familiar with the other nations and now it is a global property. Football is top-rated in the African, South-East Asian, and such regions.

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About Cricket

One game that can compete with football on popularity or charm is cricket. Cricket is also a global game, and billions of people enjoy it. If we talk about the numbers, around two and a half billion people will vote for cricket to be the most popular game on earth. There is nothing to feel insecure about. According to most surveys, people who like football usually enjoy cricket.



Origin of cricket


Cricket was always the game of the royals, and till today it has maintained its legacy. According to most historians, the first cricket match took place in English, Britain, to please the Royal Family in the Royal playground. It is a perfect opportunity for the royals to have a good time and spend a lot without guilt. Even today, we can see the impact. Cricket is the most expensive game globally, and it takes billions of dollars only to organize an international cricket match or test ceremony.



Another side of the history

Cricket is expensive, and we all know that. But, it did not stop it from being the most popular game globally. Especially in the South Eastern Asian region, cricket is the second religion. So, kids here buy a tennis ball and wrap it with tape to make it look like a solid cricket ball and make cricket bats from wooden stems. When a game becomes your passion and starts running into the veins, nothing can stop you from enjoying it to the core.

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