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Everything about online casino bonuses

All online casinos offer bonuses as a welcome gift to new players. Even if you have been playing at a casino for a while, you often still receive emails with bonuses. The offers all sound good: “We will double your deposit! Get free €100 credit! Claim your risk-free bet!” But aren’t those gifts too good to be true? What about those casino bonuses? And what is the best casino bonus? In this article you can read exactly how bonuses work and what you should pay attention to. From now on you can judge for yourself whether a bonus is good and you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises. With this information you always choose the best casino bonus for you, especially if you use Betsquare.

Whichever online casino best website: you play at, you will almost always receive a bonus with your first deposit: the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is always indicated with a percentage and the maximum bonus you can get. An example: 100% bonus up to €250. That means your first deposit will be doubled. If you deposit €50, you will receive a €50 bonus. If you deposit €200, you will receive €200. The maximum bonus in this example is €250. If you deposit more than €250, you will only receive a €250 bonus. Usually a minimum deposit is also required to get the bonus, for example a minimum of €10 or €20. Sometimes you also get a small bonus without having to deposit money. This is called a no deposit bonus. You then only have to register at the casino and immediately receive some free play money to try out the casino, for example €5.

Does this mean that you can just make a deposit, collect the bonus and then immediately have the entire amount paid out to your bank account? Unfortunately! If that were possible, the casinos would soon go out of business. You get the bonus in the form of bonus money. If you look at your account overview in the online casino, you will also see your bonus balance in addition to your cash balance . Cash money can be paid out at any time. No bonus money. To cash out the bonus, you must first make a certain amount of wagers in the casino. This is called clearing or wagering the bonus. The amount you have to wager before the bonus is released is called wagering requirement, also known as wager of playthrough.

Suppose you deposit €20 and you receive a bonus of €20. The wager is 10x the bonus. Then you have to bet €200. Your bonus money is then immediately added to your cash balance and you can then continue playing or have the entire amount paid out. Do not freak out. This seems like a lot, but it’s all not too bad. It doesn’t mean you have to lose $200. You now have a total of €40 to play with. If you play on a slot machine with €1 per spin, you will of course not have lost all your money after 40 spins. With a bit of luck you have a profit, but even if you are really unlucky, you still have money left. You can use that again, and what you have left over can also be used again. And so on. With €40, you can make much more than €40 in bets that way.

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