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Your complete guide to the poker game

Poker is a top-rated betting game and if you are trying to excel in it, scroll through this article. Here we will describe the primary terms, rules of the game, and poker positions with their meaning. So, let us start with the prior understanding of the poker game.



About poker


Poker is also familiar as a community gambling game that has several varieties. Currently, Texas Holdem is the most popular variety of poker, and here we will learn how to play it well. But, the best tip is to find out the rules personally if you are playing at a local poker bar from the bidders or sellers. The reason is to avoid any misunderstanding that may cause you money in future.


The game rules


Poker mostly depends on creating a deck of five cards that adds more value than your opponent. Usually, there are straight-up fifty-two cards on the deck, and first, you will get two cards Facedown towards you and similar to your opponent. The rest of the cards will be on the table, and you will get those in turns.


The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush is the most classic game of poker. The cards consist of a king, queen, ace, and jack with all ten cards. Here, the first person getting the highest combination will win the match. If two or more people have the same combination, the person with the highest number of cards will get the pot.


Exceptional situation

If two or more players get the same number of cards and high bets, which is quite unusual, the match will tie, and the pot will split up between the players. This Royal Flush is also famous as the ace-high straight flush game as the result of this game mainly depends on the high cards. But, the odds of it happening are very rare.


The Straight Flush


After the Royal Flush, the Straight Flush is another popular bet in poker. Here, the hand will consist of five cards of the same sequence, and the numbers will decide the winner of the game. Here, the queen will beat the ace, and the ace card will beat the ten high cards at once. So, you have to place your bet carefully if you want to win this shot.


The Full House

Here three cards will hold the same value, and the rest two will hold another. If two or more players get the same value again, which is extremely rare, the house will compare the cards. So, the total value holder will win the game. Otherwise, the rule goes with the game. If both the players have the same value with the same cards, the pot will split up between the players.


The Three kind

The three of a kind variety is quite familiar with the entire house variety, except here, three of the cards will have the same value sequentially. Also, if multiple players have the exact total of three cards together, then the person with the highest valued card will get the pot for the night.


The two pairs

The two pair variety resembles the three kind variety. Here, you will have two pairs of cards with the same value and one single, separate card as the extra to complete the hands of five. For example, you can have two queens, two ace cards, or two tens to complete the bet. If two players match with both pairs of cards, then the higher card’s pair will win the bet.




These rules mainly apply to Texas Hold’em variation of poker. There are other rules, and they can vary a little from one casino to another.

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