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These quick poker strategies will help you win every game you play

The heading of this article might seem like a click bait to you. It is impossible to win every game you play in poker as most parts of it depend on luck. But, here we will discuss some very important tricks that will help you to win most of the games and the games you don’t win will help you to gather some insight.

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Do not go slow

Poker is a very exciting game and slow rolling ruins everything. Also, if you want to get the better pots of the night you will have to make the court favourable for yourself. So, make sure to go fast on the cards and keep the game on pace. It will also help you to keep the other players under pressure. If you are a professional and regular player then this scenario will be very familiar to you and you will be able to make quick decisions. But, most of the bettors will lose the track and you will bring more money at the end of the night.

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Play small but aggressively

The goal is to make money in poker and you have to use smart strategies here. So, the rule is to play small but multiple bets at once. It will bring less money from one game but also reduce the risks of losing all your money. So, you can utilize all your money throughout the night and make it double very easily.

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Also, small bets are usually very aggressive and help you to secure a safer option in the betting table. So, if you are thinking about which option to go for during the poker games, undoubtedly it will be the smallest bet of the night.


Do not limp first

The worst thing you can do in poker is to limp first or we can say to give up on your cards before you could raise your bets to the highest. If you turn over the entire pot before making the hands powerful then the opposition will win very easily and that is not good news for you.


First go stronger

If you want to go aggressively with your game then you have to play the stronger hands first. It will help you to get the better position in the pot and win more bets in the night.

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There are many benefits of playing aggressively in poker. Firstly, there will not be enough cards left to outdraw your scores. Also, you can very easily outweigh your opponents in poker if you go fast. So, the chances of your winning increases by many folds.


Calling the clock


Poker is popular for its speed and unpredictability. But, sometimes some bettors try to take undue advantage of it and keep their hands down for a very long time. It will kill the interest of the game and make the chances of total game in a night less than the usual. Here, less games means less chances of winning. So, you need to take the stand here and call for the clock.



You only have to call for the floor organizer and provide enough proof that the player is taking more than enough time to place the bet. The bouncer or floor manager will confirm the allegation and take immediate actions. Usually, the manager will give the next sixty seconds to make the move otherwise you will win the pot.



You should never take advantage of this feature of poker unless it is necessary. Also, make sure you are not in a haste and not providing enough time to your opponent.

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