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Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S: Which Next-gen Xbox is Best For You

When it comes to gaming consoles, Microsoft has been keeping up with the rest of its competitors with its Xbox consoles. The Xbox gaming console has had many generations and models since the first Xbox launch in 2001.

The two most recent models that Microsoft has released are the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S which both came out in 2020. Instead of just releasing one new and improved, super-powered console, Microsoft decided to release both, each with its own intended target audience in mind.

We spoke to top IT Support Services in London about what makes each console worth buying and these are the most important factors that buyers are taking into consideration where the consoles differ from one another:


For starters, aesthetically both can’t be more different. The Series X is undoubtedly a massive machine standing at 301 x 151 x 151mm and weighs 9.8 pounds. It can stand vertically or lay horizontally and is available only in black with green highlights.

The Series S on the other hand is not as large with dimensions of 275 x 150 x 64mm, weighs 4.3 pounds and admittedly looks more like the earlier Xbox One S. It comes in white with a black accenting grille.

Graphics and processing

Onto the inside, you can say that both the Series X and Series S are powerful machines. But while they both are powered by a custom AMD Zen 2 eight-core processor that is where the similarities basically end.

The Series X console is the more powerful option here with a CPU that runs at 3.8GHz per core whereas the Series S is at a lower 3.6GHz.

When it comes to graphics processing, again Series X is the better option with 12 teraflops of RDNA 2 graphics power. The Series S has only 4 teraflops of RDNA 2 graphics.

Unsurprisingly Series X has the better specs when it comes to RAM with 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and the Series S has only 10 GB.

Both offer 60fps gameplay with the option of 120fps but with a lower resolution. They also support ray tracing, but Series X can comfortably run games at 4k resolution and Series S maxes out at 1440p.


Beyond the graphics and processing power of each, any IT Support Company can tell you that storage is just as important to consider.

When it comes to similarities, both consoles have an SSD and support the quick resume feature so that users can switch between up to 6 different games and instantly continue from where they last paused.

Having an SSD is becoming the standard as it’s the better storage option with faster load times and more but the size is also important. The Series X comes with an internal 1TB with USB 3.1 support.

The Series S in comparison is basically half the size with only 512GB available. It will be just as fast as the Series X but with a smaller size it will fill up more quickly.

Games are much bigger than they were in the past so storage can go quickly but at least there’s a way to get around any potential issues – both consoles have an expansion slot for an additional drive.


It’s obvious that when it comes to the capabilities and features, the Series X console is the better pick of the two. But when looking at price, this is where it becomes clear why the two differ so much.

You can’t really beat Series X in what it can do but Office 365 Consultancy providers are quick to point out that you can’t beat the Series S price. Varying from country to country, the Series S currently costs $300, and the Series X costs $500.

If budget is a top priority for you then the Series S is going to be your pick. It might be the console with fewer capabilities but considering it’s $200 less, it becomes a total deal.

The takeaway from this is that both consoles are compelling options, they both have fast load times, support Xbox Game Pass and are compatible with all Xbox One accessories.

The Series X is obviously the more powerful machine between the two, if you’re looking for the best gameplay experience possible with the best resolution and smoother performance then it’s the way to go.

But for those with a smaller budget, the Series S is a fair deal for what you get. It’s also significantly smaller.

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