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Who is the Most Underrated Fast Bowler?

Every Indian loves cricket because it is like seeing a huge show, a gripping story played out on the ground. 

This game, etched into the country’s cultural tapestry, has an influence so profound that it transcends the boundaries of the field and permeates all aspects of society, including betting. Betting on cricket matches online at 24betting is so ingrained in the tradition of India’s national pastime that it may be found at every level of competition, from the domestic to the international stage.

Certain stars shine brighter in cricket’s vibrant tapestry, often obscuring the equally deserving talents toiling in the background.

Among them are fast bowlers, the tireless workhorses who form the backbone of a team’s bowling unit. This text takes a journey into the lives and careers of five underrated fast bowlers, highlighting their indispensable contributions to the beautiful game.

Mohammed Shami – The Indian Spearhead

Mohammed Shami, a stalwart of the Indian cricket team, has consistently delivered match-winning performances. Known for his excellent seam position and ability to swing the ball both ways, Shami has frequently disrupted the best of batting line-ups. 

Despite his consistent performances, he often goes unnoticed, living in the shadows of his more illustrious peers. Yet, his contributions have been critical to the Indian team’s recent successes.

Trent Boult – New Zealand’s Silent Storm

Trent Boult, a linchpin of New Zealand’s fast bowling unit, is another fast bowler who only sometimes receives the recognition he deserves. 

Boult’s ability to swing the ball prodigiously, particularly in helpful conditions, and his knack for making early breakthroughs, make him a formidable opponent. 

While his performances are frequently overshadowed by the team’s collective success, Boult remains a critical element of New Zealand’s cricketing prowess.

Kemar Roach – The Unsung Hero of the Caribbean

From the West Indies, Kemar Roach’s name emerges as an underrated fast bowler who’s consistently troubled batsmen with his pace and accuracy. 

Despite a successful career marked by numerous five-wicket hauls, Roach often gets sidelined in conversations about modern cricketing greats. Yet, his relentless performances have been instrumental in many West Indies’ victories.

Josh Hazlewood – The Underestimated Aussie

Josh Hazlewood, the Australian speedster, is known for his unerring accuracy and disciplined bowling. Often compared to the legendary Glenn McGrath, Hazlewood’s contributions have sometimes been underrated due to Australia’s star-studded bowling line-up. 

Nevertheless, his knack for building pressure and providing key breakthroughs makes him a cornerstone of the Australian bowling unit.

Stuart Broad – England’s Quiet Achiever

Despite being one of the highest wicket-takers in Test cricket, Stuart Broad is another underrated fast bowler. 

Overshadowed by the achievements of his bowling partner James Anderson, Broad’s significant contributions to the England cricket team are often overlooked. His ability to deliver game-changing spells underscores his value to the team and the sport.

Kagiso Rabada – South Africa’s Silent Warrior

Kagiso Rabada, a young speedster from South Africa, has been turning heads with his incredible talent and consistent performances. He possesses an exceptional ability to generate pace and bounce, coupled with a mature understanding of match situations.

Despite his success, Rabada is frequently underrated, overshadowed by the past glory of South African fast bowlers. Yet, he remains a key player in South Africa’s bowling arsenal, a silent warrior battling in the trenches with unwavering dedication.


The stories of these unsung heroes, their trials, triumphs, and contributions to the sport, deserve to be celebrated. They are the silent knights of cricket, always ready to strike when the situation demands.

Their journey serves as a poignant reminder that not all heroes carry the burden of their teams in the limelight; some do so from the shadowy sidelines, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of cricket.

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