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What You Need to Know About Canvas and Leather Backpacks

Canvas and leather backpack are eco-friendly and durable bags constructed from natural material that makes them suitable for school. Plus, their ample storage capacity means you can carry books, water bottles or stationary for school without breaking a sweat! Their earthy-toned styles and colors allow you to express yourself while they can even be dyed to feature any desired hue of your choosing!


Material choice plays a large part in water-resistance of backpacks. Natural canvas may not be waterproof but it can be made water resistant by applying a wax coating over it – creating an effective barrier and keeping contents dry.

Another method for increasing water-resistance of bags is silicone sprays and coatings, although they don’t last as long. Reapplying this treatment periodically is necessary.

Canvas backpacks often boast multiple pockets to keep belongings organized and safe, are lightweight and comfortable due to the weight distribution across both shoulders, are available in an assortment of colors and designs, and can even be folded up into smaller bags for travel or hiking.

Easy to clean

Over time, backpacks accumulate dirt from where you set them down. Mud, rain and other contaminants may also get in. Luckily, canvas backpacks are easy to clean; in addition, protective sprays may even extend their durability further.

Before washing your canvas backpack, first empty its contents to remove any interior and exterior dust, as well as empty all pockets and zippers to check for coins, papers, or any other objects that could potentially get caught within.

Mix together water and gentle soap (such as dish detergent or delicate laundry soap). Soak a soft cloth in this solution, focusing on areas with stains. Rinse and dry the backpack thoroughly using another clean cloth before using your vacuum to finish drying the bag off. You can check out the waxed canvas bushcraft backpack.

Multiple straps

Canvas backpacks come in all sizes and capacities, from smaller versions designed for day use to larger models made for hiking or travel with vintage accents that add durability.

Waxed canvas is thicker and more durable than its cotton counterpart, as its material has been impregnated with paraffin or natural beeswax-based wax impregnations that can either be woven into its fabric or applied directly. Although not waterproof, waxed canvas will protect your belongings from rainy days.

Your canvas backpack offers you another opportunity to customize and enhance the experience by adding extra straps that provide additional comfort, such as poll straps, throat latches, breast collar tugs or purse straps – this allows you to personalize it further and make it more accommodating. This is a great way to personalize it while making it even more practical!


Waxed canvas backpacks are constructed from cotton fabric impregnated with paraffin or natural beeswax-based wax impregnation either woven into or applied on to it, offering excellent resistance against water. Furthermore, over time this canvas will acquire its own distinctive patina adding even further charm to its charm.

This type of backpack is an excellent choice for hikers and bikers, as its roll-top design makes expanding capacity easy. Additionally, camping enthusiasts will appreciate that it can accommodate both a tent and sleeping bag easily.

This bag is also perfect for beach day trips, providing easy storage of swimwear and sunscreen. Furthermore, its large capacity makes it easier to transport.


Leather backpacks make an excellent casual bag choice due to their durability and stylish aesthetic, but do come with some drawbacks, including cost and the difficulty in repairing using needle and thread. Furthermore, these types of bags don’t clean up as easily as canvas ones.

Canvas, unlike nylon which is made of petroleum-derived products, can degrade naturally into the environment without harming it. Its natural fibers resist fading and UV radiation whereas nylon wears down quickly in direct sunlight. Canvas’ roomy interior pockets offer ample storage for books and folders while its adjustable straps make carrying comfortable. Available in army green or tobacco hues it will even fit a laptop!

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