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What is Supermarket 23 Cuba?

Whether you need a fresh coconut or a bottle of shampoo, SuperMarket23 is a great place to shop. In addition to groceries, you can also find personal care items, home cleaning supplies, cakes, and flowers. SuperMarket23 also offers delivery to all municipios in Cuba. There’s no need to leave the island, as the website offers 24 hour customer service. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can shop online for the products you need to stay healthy and well-nourished.

During the economic crisis, Supermarket23 is one of the most profitable businesses in Cuba. There, you can buy basic items such as soap and syrup for ridiculously high prices. A 50-ounce bottle of syrup, for example, costs four times as much as a bottle of it at a standard grocery store. Even Cuban emigrants with the means to purchase such goods can shop at Supermarket23, which is a rare luxury for Cuba.

Though many other supermarkets have popped up in Cuba, none of them have been able to compete with Supermarket23, despite the government’s stance against foreign investment. It’s been an open secret that Supermarket23’s suppliers are state-owned companies, but they are not entirely reputable. For example, the state-owned company Alcona, which operates Supermarket23, owns and distributes agricultural products in Cienfuegos. Its CEO, Guillermo Garcia Frias, has been referred to as “Commander Ostrich” by some locals.

Despite the fact that Supermarket23’s stores are located in the United States and Italy, it’s also an excellent option for those in Cuba looking for groceries. The convenience of online shopping in Cuba is one of the best reasons to place your order with this company. Whether you live in Cuba or just want to send something to your relatives in Cuba, SuperMarket 23 can deliver! You’ll be glad you did! They’re a convenient option.

In order to avoid any further hassles, Supermarket23 accepts credit cards and ensures 100% security in online transactions. Supermarket 23 conducts extensive analysis of every transaction to ensure its authenticity. Foods are delivered to Cuba in three to five days, and to other regions in ten to 21 days. There’s nothing illegal in buying food online from Supermarket23. Just make sure you follow the rules and don’t eat anything you’re not supposed to.

The web interface of SuperMarket23 enables you to send products to Cuba for free. You can also buy food online and have it delivered to your Cuban address without having to leave the comfort of your home. While prices are sometimes higher than what you’d pay in the US, the convenience of shopping online makes it an ideal option. It’s easy to send a gift to a Cuban family, so why not give it a try?

Supermarket 23 has become a huge hit in the island’s capital city. It is a major grocery store in Jakarta and offers many delicious items. You can find big chocolate bars and fried food at the supermarket, as well as iced tea with high sugar content. You can also buy a big bottle of iced tea to impress your loved ones back home. If you’re not sure about the products on offer, you can make an appointment to visit a local store.

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