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The Ultimate Credit Card Gambling Guide: Things To Consider In 2023

If you enjoy gambling online, the good news is it is easy to use your credit card to fund your online casino account. With more online casinos available, however, we will explore why choosing the right card for gambling is essential. 

We will also cover the benefits of credit cards and how to maximize them while addressing safety and security tips and emerging trends with credit card casinos.

If You Want to Use Your Credit Card to Gamble With

Using your credit card to add money to a new casino account usually involves simple steps. Click the Join Now or Sign Up tab on the casino’s home page and create a new user account. After verifying your email and accepting your welcome bonus offer, you can fund your account with your credit card and select how much money to transfer.  

A concern is which casinos are legitimate, which offer the best bonus promotions, which credit cards to use, and how to stay secure in your new account. 

Choosing a Credit Card

Virtual credit cards are a good idea because they have no affiliations with your bank. Hence, you can get a 16-digit code and use the funds on the virtual card to gamble with. A preferred way to load your casino or sportsbook account with cash, if you want to bet on the Super Bowl, you do not have to use your debit card. 

If the gambling site is not legit and they try to steal your money, most banks will not return your payment, or it might take several weeks for an investigation and refund. 

When selecting a credit card, look for one that lets you gamble online and will give you points. 

Hence, if you add $500 to your new casino account, you earn cash-back rewards that range from 1-2% or higher, depending on your bank.

To help reduce the fees when you play, consider transferring cash from your credit card to a cryptocurrency which might incur only a small fee. 

Casinos will let you play fee-free with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. 

However, when you add a credit card, your bank might charge a 3-4% fee, but that can vary. 

Note that your bank charges the fee, not the online casino (and another reason to use cryptos).  

Picking a Reputable Casino

With thousands of online casinos vying for your attention, a few tips can help you avoid rogue gambling operators who want to steal your data or funds. 

When you go online: 

  • The best credit card casinos are reputable and have excellent reviews from hundreds or thousands of players. 
  • The casino should have transparency on its homepage or About Us page and display its licensing information and a contact phone number. 
  • Reviews should include positive feedback. However, the casino should reply to the customer with a resolution if you find negative reviews. 
  • Avoid sites with several negative complaints, especially about slow payouts or tight machines (low Return To Player (RTP) rates). Legitimate casinos will have RTPs in the 95% to 99% range. Hence, for every $100 you spend, you should eventually win back $95 to $99.      

Emerging Trends

The biggest trends in credit card casinos include AI and virtual reality (VR). 

With more VR headsets becoming available at affordable prices, casinos are enhancing virtual gaming environments, and you can sign up for these accounts with your credit card deposit. Expect exciting and highly entertaining games from leading software providers (progressive slots, live dealer games, social games).

AI is also trending because artificial intelligence will help to crack down on fraudulent transactions and fake accounts. AI will also streamline marketing ads geared around player preferences, so expect more targeted signup and return player offers (free spins, cash rewards)!  


What is the best credit card casino bonus?

Las Atlantis has a $14,000 cash match offer for new members, and you can create a new account with credit card deposits.

How long does it take to start gambling if I fund a casino account with a credit card?

It can vary, but payments should post within a few minutes. Or, buy crypto with your credit card and fund your account with a cryptocurrency for instant access, payouts, and signup offers. 

How can you tell if a casino is illegal?

Check for negative reviews, HTTP and not HTTPS in their web address, no website licensing information, and low RTPs (70-80% unfair advantage to favor the house).

Final Thoughts

Gambling with a credit card is easy when you choose a reputable casino with high Return To Player incentives. To keep more money in your wallet after signing up, use a cash match offer, as these are sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Avoid casinos with bad reviews about slow payouts. When you gamble, whether you are playing in a poker tournament or betting on the World Series, you want fast access to your cash – and no delays! 

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