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The Most Popular Types Of Bets In Tennis

Football and basketball probably remain the most popular sports among punters, but in the last few years there is a growing demand for tennis betting, which has resulted in bringing this sport at the forefront of bookmakers’ agendas and at the top of bettors’ preferences.

The growing popularity of betting on tennis has been the result of many factors. 

One factor is that tennis is one of the richest and most complete, whole sports from an organization and tournament perspective. There are so many different tournaments, championships and competitions taking place all year round, besides the four top notch Grand Slams, the Indian Wells, the ATP finals, the WTA finals or the Laver Cup. 

This means that fans not only have a lot of tennis to watch but they also have a lot of opportunities to bet on matches they are interested in simply by visiting the best betting site in Bangladesh and browsing for the best betting markets. 

A second factor is that tennis is a pretty volatile and unpredictable sport, which makes it more suitable for those bettors who seek excitement and who like to receive even more pleasure while watching a tennis match.

But the volatility caters also to the needs of other bettors, the more systematic or professional ones, who are seeking to capture value from the fluctuating odds and the line movements. 

And a third factor is that tennis betting itself is not difficult and it requires no particular experience or background on the part of punters. Of course there are some things that every bettor should consider, but for its most part, it is a straightforward betting market, with simple and clear-cut bets. 

Let’s see which types of bets are predominantly chosen by bettors, and what each of these means. 

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are the simple winner bets. In an upcoming tennis match between Carlos Alcaraz and Stefanos Tsitsipas, for instance, punters predict who is going to be the winner. 

Bookies will have set the line for the bet, most obviously indicating who is the favorite to win the match and bettors only have to choose who they think will hear the ‘game, set, match” in the end!


Over/under bets are propositions for the total number of ‘something’ in a game. In tennis this ‘something’ is the points scored, that is the games played. Now, bookmakers propose totals and bettors get to predict whether a match will last for more or less than the total games identified in the betting line. 

Note that matches between top seeded tennis players or blockbuster matches are generally lasting longer and this is why for some matches you can see a surprisingly high number of total games, given by some sportsbooks. On the other hand, in a smaller match at a not so high profile tournament, let’s say, the over/under line will not be as high. 

Outright bets

Bookmakers don’t just offer bets for an upcoming match between two players, but they also enable punters to predict the winner of an entire tournament. This is an outright bet and it involves bettors placing a wager on the player that they think will win in the end. 

Note that, of course, there are different odds accompanying each player, always according to how much of a favorite the player is considered to be and how much chances the bookies give them for becoming champions. 


Spread bets are bets where punters choose the number of games, for example, by which one player will need to win against the opponent. In spread bets, the bookmaker sets a line -for example Novak Djokovic -5.5 and Nick Kyrgios +5.5.

If you bet on the victory of Djokovic, it means that the top seeded Serbian player will need to beat the Aussie by at least 6 games, for you to cash your bet. In short, spread bets are showing how much more one should win over the other to cover the spread proposed by the sportsbooks. 

Live betting

Live betting on tennis is getting more and more into the hearts of punters. Although it is not considered to be a distinctive type of bet -rather a distinctive approach to bet – it is different from all other, because it involves real time wagering on various results of a match. These can be totals, over/under or even moneyline bets. 

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