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The Most Funny Footballers of all time

 Social media is exciting for everyone, especially when it involves our favorite footballers. Regardless of where you watch a football game, there is one constant.One element that sets football apart from other sports is the sheer intensity of the sport’s fans. It doesn’t matter where you are on the globe; the love for the sport is universal.There is a universal sense of hunger in the stands and on the pitch every matchday.In every significant football stadium globally, fans and players alike are willing to do whatever it takes to support their team. Football is one of the most important and popular games in the history of world sports. It amazes the people and the players for how big a stage it is.

World football is the only sport that can compare the energy of the matches and the buildup to each match every week.Rivalry matchups are always exciting to watch during the football season.

Even though these rivalries are distinct from cross-town derby, they still elicit the same level of hatred and emotion.The Manchester United vs. Liverpool matches is an example of this, as they include two of the most successful English football clubs. For example, in the last four UEFA Champions League finals, Barcelona and Manchester United faced off against one other.Both the buildup to each match and the action on the field are made more exciting by these rivalries.

Rivalry matches in world football are always played with a higher energy level than typical.It’s refreshing to watch professional athletes let their hair down one time in a while.


The recent acquisition of Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has made us wonder – who are the funniest footballers on social media?

Victor Anichebe

“Can you tweet something like ‘Unbelievable support yesterday and excellent effort by the lads!’?” he memorably asked on Twitter last season when he was playing for Sunderland and Everton. This is a harsh outcome to accept! We’ll try again!”The striker’s PR blunder was humorous because it indicated that someone else was tweeting.Unfortunately, the original tweet has since been deleted, but Anichebe afterward tweeted this:

Theodore Wanyama

The Tottenham midfielder’s tweets have become folklore because he didn’t know what to do with social media.We’re not sure if he meant it, but his spaghetti tweets were a big hit with us.

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Mario Balotelli

Super Mario’s online persona is just as outlandish as his on-screen persona.

These include videos of him ironing Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s book and when he couldn’t distinguish which of his two pets was male or female.

Jamie Carragher,

The former Liverpool center-back never fails to amuse, whether he’s joking about with his broadcast partner Gary Neville or getting into fights with Leicester City defenders.

Jonathan Walters

We’re big fans of the Republic of Ireland international, playing for Burnley after a stint with Stoke City.The forward and former teammate Robert Huth has a great sense of humor (who may yet feature on this list).


Huth and Walters have quickly established a side-splitting duo for Leicester City, and Huth is right on cue.

In all honesty, the Chelsea striker spends much of his time on the bench, so he needs something tooccupy his thoughts.

To his credit, he spends most of his time on social media devising clever comments to his likeness to Nathaniel Chalobah.

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Paris Saint-Germain forward Patrice Evra

It’s clear from his Instagram account that the former Manchester United fullback has a great deal of passion for life. He says, “I adore this game’ has become one of the most recognizable catchphrases in football right now because of the Frenchman’s video antics.”

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