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The Basics Of Prop Betting: Everything You Need To Know

Prop bets are no longer supplementary or side bets destined to accompany the basic sports bets like outright winners, moneyline, totals or points spread. They have evolved into full-fledged bet markets offered by betting sites including every Malaysia betting site as well as others in every part of the world. Prop bets frequently attract such large volumes of bets that they surpass the traditional, regular outcome-related wagers. 

Prop betting is now very popular among punters. Prop bets are fun, easy -since they don’t require any particular experience in betting, and they are also very interesting. In fact they are able to make a match or a game very interesting by adding depth and breadth to the offered bets. Just consider that every single sport and every single game (especially the high profile or the most prestigious ones) can in fact be the basis for as many prop bets as one can imagine!

The thing is that while prop betting is considered to be more like gambling, bettors now begin to understand that they can also have an edge in this kind of bets and so improve the chances of beating the house. However, for the most part, prop bets are still treated by punters more like fun bets or entertaining wagers which require less sophistication and systematic analysis.

So, what exactly is a prop bet? 

A prop bet is simply any bet that does not have to do with the final outcome of a game. It is a bet that can be about anything that is not related to how the game or the match will play out. So, a prop bet is not a moneyline bet, an outright bet, a bet on totals or points spread. It is any other wager that requires the prediction of whether an event will occur or not. 

What are the different types of prop bets?

There are several different prop bets that you can find in betting sites and in sportsbooks. Overall they can be distinguished on the basis of their ‘thematics’. 

So, based on what they are about, there are:

Player props: quite clearly, these bets involve wagering on something that has to do with a particular player or athlete. For example, how many goals will a footballer score in the entire league or whether a specific footballer will score the first goal in a match. And as you can imagine there is an unlimited number of such player prop bets that can be derived from any given event. 

Team props: they work pretty much like the player props, only they involve the entire team. Let’s say that it’s too risky for you to make any prediction on which team will win the EPL final, but you want to place a bet on the team that will score first or the team that will lead the score in the first half or even the number of goals that one specific team will score in the entire match.

Game props: the game props are bets that involve game-related occurrences instead of player or team-related events. Punters, for example, can bet on the total number of goals scored in a match, on a team to win a game without conceding a goal, on both teams to score at least 2 goals etc. You can see that there are tons of different propositions that can be bet on in one single game!

Non-game props: these are props that are not directly related to the game but the surrounding of the game. They are usually offered by bookies in high profile, top watched events like the Champions League final, the FIFA World Cup final, the Super Bowl and the likes, which capture the interest of punters across the world. These bets can be about anything from the color of the Gatorade shower in the Super Bowl to the next transfer of a football player after his contract is terminated. 

Prop bets are really fun and so they are indeed compelling in most of the cases. But remember that prop betting is not just gambling and this means that they should be approached with caution and with a strategy in place, or else you can all too easily just lose money from wagering on different propositions that have little value. 

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