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Living self-determined is not always easy. We often make our decisions dependent on the expectations of others. But that doesn’t have to be the case: If we learn to overcome the fear of rejection, we can take control of online casino for real money.


As children, we are highly dependent on the affection of our parents.

Every day we make many decisions that determine our daily lives and our lives. Of course, sometimes we have to do things we don’t really feel like doing. But how many decisions do we make based on the expectations others have of us? How often do we subject ourselves to avoidable stress just to avoid disappointing others?

The main reason why we too often let ourselves be guided by the opinions of others is fear of rejection. If we disappoint those around us, they might withdraw love, affection or recognition from us.

Already in childhood, we develop a “catalog of values” that we are taught by our environment. We learn early on for which behavior we should be praised and for which we should be blamed. As a result, we repeatedly adapt our behavior in order to be liked and accepted. This has a simple natural background: As a child we are existentially dependent on the affection of our parents, because without it we have no chance of survival.

However, the fear of rejection remains present in most cases even after childhood. To varying degrees, we make ourselves dependent on the opinions of those around us, even if rejection is no longer life-threatening in adulthood.

Living self-determined is good for you

Only when you make yourself independent of the opinions of others can you truly find yourself.

Everyone wants to be loved and accepted. However, we often try to conform to an image that others have made of us. Our family members, friends, colleagues and superiors all have a different image of us. If we try to please everyone, we get into an inner contradiction. We lose our authenticity.

If you want to live your life self-determined and authentic, you have to make yourself independent from the opinions of others. You will notice that in time you will feel less and less stress, anxiety, and pressure. When you no longer want to conform to the expectations of others, you will find a whole new serenity and inner peace.

You will stop worrying about what others think about you. Through more self-determination you will get to know yourself better and find out what you really want and what is important to you in life. Then you can create your life the way you want it. You will notice: Your uniqueness will not only be accepted by others, but appreciated.


If you believe that you are not accepted as you are, then you are disguising yourself. You want to fulfill expectations. But this does not make you authentic. But you can learn to be authentic and self-determined:

  • Accept yourself as you are: The first step to a more self-determined life is to accept yourself as you are. Only then can you become really clear about your needs and make them clear. You can never be loved by everyone and that is not necessary. If you value yourself, you will also radiate this to the outside world – and will be respected for it. We give you tips on how to overcome your self-doubt.
  • Don’t take things personally: If your decisions or statements are still met with incomprehension or criticism, realize that the judgments of others have nothing to do with you, but with the values of the other person. This also applies to you when you catch yourself being too hard on yourself.

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