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Kalank Review – A Review of the Film Kalank and Its Companion

If you are planning to see this film, you are probably interested in knowing my Kalank review rating. Kalank is about the Hindu minority in the city of Lahore, which is in northwest India, bordering Pakistan. While the Hindus are a small minority in the city, they are still a threat to Muslims. The film features a strong cast and an attractive packaging, but it lacks nuance in its portrayal of Hindu-Muslim social practices.

One of Kalank’s greatest assets is the beautifully shot songs. Many of the tracks are composed by Pritam, and the film’s soundtrack is a major highlight. But the film’s focus on visuals and music is questionable. The film’s big reveal is way too late. The plot is not engaging and wears thin after about 20 minutes, and the film’s dialogues are somewhat dull. The actors, however, are great.

As for performances, Madhuri Dixit, Kunal Khemu, and Sanjay Dutt are all great. But the script is somewhat muddled and superlative performances cannot lift this film. The movie is recommended for hopeless romantics, but otherwise, it isn’t all that impressive. You should definitely check out Kalank if you are a hopeless romantic. We recommend watching this movie if you enjoy seeing a beautiful Bollywood film.

The film’s setting, however, is not convincing enough to keep audiences watching. The sets and costumes are overly extravagant, and the film’s period details are too naive to be relevant. The third act is hollow and flits between different timelines without much drama. The final scene is particularly disappointing, as it leaves the audience wondering what’s actually happening in the world. The film is certainly worth seeing, though I wouldn’t call it a classic.

The film begins with a promising note, and the film’s prelude shows glimpses of its crux. A young woman who is pushed into a marriage of convenience by her mother (Sonakshi Sinha) finds some freedom from the household by treading into the forbidden ghetto of Heera Mandi. Meanwhile, a young woman falls in love with the man who saves her. It is this unexpectedly moving scene that gives Kalank its deserved rating.

Overall, Kalank is a disappointing movie. It is a fine example of how romantic films have been treated in the past. Unfortunately, Bollywood has fallen into a pitfall since the Baahubali craze. Movie makers have a tendency to follow the “bigger is better” credo, and Kalank is no exception. Despite the flawed script, the film manages to handle the film’s visual grandeur quite well. The problem lies with the climax, though.

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