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How Does Live In-Game Betting Work?

Have you ever wanted to place a bet on your favorite team and then see how that team is faring during the match? Or maybe you want to watch a game of football and place bets based on what’s happening in real time. If so, then live in-play betting is for you.

Live betting is where the majority of the action is.

Live betting is where you can make the biggest gains, and where you can make the most money. Live betting is also one of the most profitable ways to bet on sports or other events.

What is live betting?

In addition to betting on games that have already started, you can also place live bets on events as they happen. This is called “live betting” and it’s more exciting than simply placing pre-game predictions.

When you’re watching a sporting event or concert and want to place a bet on something specific happening during the show, live betting gives you that opportunity. The action is always “live” with this type of wagering—you’ll never miss out!

Why do you need a live feed to bet in-play?

When you bet in-play, you can place bets on events that have already occurred. This differs from pre-match betting where you predict what will happen during the entire game.

A great sportsbook for in-play betting needs to be able to deliver on all of the following:

  • The mobile app. Obviously, you have to have a good mobile app that allows you to place your bets quickly and easily, whether it’s on your smartphone or tablet. If the book in question doesn’t offer this, then it’s not worth considering as an option.
  • The live feed. This is what will allow you to view live action as it happens and make decisions about where to place your next bet based on what’s happening within each game at any given time.

In play betting tips.

Live in-play betting is great because it allows you to bet on a game as it unfolds, so you can take advantage of any opportunities that arise. You could be watching your team struggle, but then the goalkeeper makes an error and gives up a goal on the counter attack. If you’re lucky enough to see this happen live, bet on your favorite team to score next!

But don’t forget about all of those other factors that affect how much money you win or lose too:

  • Use your knowledge of the sport. If you’ve been watching soccer all season long and know how hot Neymar is when he has a good day at work, use that knowledge to inform what kind of bets you make. Then watch out for his number during play!
  • Look at data from previous matches as well as current ones – this will help give context to any new trends or performances happening in real time during each matchday (or series).


Betting on in-play events is a great way to get more out of sports. It allows you to use your knowledge and place bets on any aspect of the game, including individual players or specific outcomes. You can also bet against the odds by placing wagers on unlikely outcomes that will pay off big if they come true!

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