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Find Your Perfect Roller Skates with Skates of Glory

Finding the ideal roller skates for your needs can be a daunting task. With so many brands and models available, how do you know which to choose? That’s where the experts at Skates of Glory come in. As the leading independent skate review website, Skates of Glory provides unparalleled guidance based on extensive hands-on testing.

Skate Enthusiasts on a Mission to Help Others

The passionate team behind Skates of Glory understands the struggle of sorting through the crowded skate market. That’s why a group of lifelong skating devotees decided to launch the site in 2015. For years they were frustrated by the lack of detailed and unbiased skate reviews online.

They made it their mission to change that by creating a trustworthy resource dedicated to in-depth skate reviews. The site’s founders have an unrivaled enthusiasm for helping fellow skaters find their perfect match.

Specialized Reviewers Put Each Model Through Its Paces

The Skates of Glory review squad consists of competitive speed skaters, artistic dance skaters, aggressive skaters, roller derby athletes, and casual outdoor cruising skaters. This diverse range of reviewers evaluates each model from all angles.

Before publishing their authoritative reviews, the Skates of Glory testers skate for a minimum of 20 hours in each model. They rigorously assess vital performance metrics both indoors and outdoors. Testers gauge key criteria like:

  • Overall fit, sizing accuracy, and comfort
  • Ankle, arch, and heel support levels
  • Stability, agility, control, and responsiveness
  • Top speed, acceleration, traction, and grip
  • Noise and vibration levels
  • Durability, construction quality, and lifespan

No detail is overlooked in their pursuit of definitive guidance.

Comprehensive Reviews Cover All Major Brands

Skates of Glory provides reviews of recreational, competitive, and artistic skates from top brands like Riedell, Sure Grip, Moxi, and Jackson. Their in-depth Riedell skates reviews help thousands find the right Riedell model.

The reviews benefit both new skaters seeking their first pair as well as experienced veterans comparing high-end skates. Skates of Glory truly is the one-stop destination for roller skate reviews.

Rating System Allows Easy Model Comparisons

In addition to their detailed written assessments, Skates of Glory assigns an overall rating out of 100 to each skate model based on their rigorous testing. This rating system weighs factors like value, performance, comfort, and durability.

The comparative numeric ratings allow quick and easy head-to-head model comparisons across brands. You can see at a glance how different skates stack up to one another.

Buying Guides Help You Select the Right Skates

Beyond just skate reviews, the site also offers numerous informative buying guides and maintenance articles. Learn how to select the best beginner skates, break in new skates safely, choose your ideal wheel hardness, clean bearings, and more.

The ultimate goal of Skates of Glory is to equip all levels of skaters with the knowledge to pick out the optimal skates confidently.

The Preeminent Source for Skate Reviews

With unparalleled hands-on expertise and a commitment to impartiality, Skates of Glory has earned its reputation as the #1 source for authoritative roller skate reviews. Their guidance has helped countless find their perfect match.

When you’re ready to find dream skates tailored to your needs, preferences, skill level, and budget, make Skates of Glory your indispensable guide.

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