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Dragon Tiger New88 – Revealing super simple tricks to earn huge amounts of money

Dragon Tiger New88 Belongs to the top hot hit card games that are loved and favored at the house. The betting odds of this game are very attractive, if you know how to apply more tricks, you will ensure the possibility of extremely high rewards. To learn more about this interesting card game, please join us New88 Find out now in the article below!
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Some information about Dragon Tiger New88

The name Dragon Tiger New88 is literally translated from English – Dragon & Tiger. This is an online card game under the New88 brand and attracts a large number of players to participate.

The origin of Dragon Tiger is in the land of pagodas and towers – Cambodia and is gradually being widely developed throughout the world. However, the most popular and strongly developed region for this game is Asia, especially Southeast Asia.

Currently, almost all bookmakers like New88 have introduced Dragon Tiger and have received a very enthusiastic response. The gameplay of the New88 Dragon Tiger game is considered relatively simple and allows everyone to apply it quickly and easily.

Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger New88

New88 Dragon Tiger uses a 52-card deck as a tool like some other popular card games you often see. All players at the betting table will receive cards from a box called blackjack. That box will contain 6 – 8 identical decks of cards that have been shuffled evenly.

Each player’s task will only be to choose which card is the dragon and which card is the tiger. Everyone will have the right to draw additional cards if necessary. Even though the gameplay is just that simple, it is still very popular among bettors.

New88 Dragon Tiger betting door

Dragon Tiger New88 has many different betting options, in order not to get confused, you need to understand and grasp them all. Specifically:

  • Draw bet: If you predict the results will be equal, you will choose to bet on a draw with a win rate of 1 to 8.
  • Big bet: If you predict the result that the total score of the cards will be greater than 7, you will choose this bet.
  • Small bet: Basically, a small bet is the opposite of a big bet, meaning if you predict the total is less than 7, use this bet. If you guess correctly, you will obviously win, but if the result is a draw, you will lose half of the bet.
  • Suit bet: If you predict that the points will be equal at a ratio of 1:2, you will choose this bet.
  • Dragon door: If you guess the dragon door has a higher score, bet on the dragon door. If you win, you will receive money at a ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Tiger door: Similar to dragon door.

Reasons to choose to deposit gold at Dragon Tiger New88

As mentioned, currently most online betting service providers have included Dragon Tiger, but why? Dragon Tiger New88 still win the players’ trust so much? The reason is:
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Clear information

All information related to the establishment and activities of New88 is publicly transparent and everyone can find out easily. In the New88 Dragon Tiger game, all transactions, regulations, game rules, etc. are very clear and ensure the most standard level of information.

24/7 customer care system

If the betting product gets 10 points, then surely the service quality at New88 must also get maximum points. The house’s customer care department operates 24/7, so if you have any problems or questions during your experience, please quickly contact us.

Not only New88 Dragon Tiger receives this quality service, but anyone who has any questions related to participating in entertainment at the house can use it. Rest assured that all information you exchange with the system will be absolutely confidential.

High payout rate

Compared to the general average, the payout rate of New88 Dragon Tiger game can be ranked among the top. Besides, the bet level for each bet is not too high and is reasonable for all types of players. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to win, the amount of money you will receive will be extremely generous!

Revealing tricks to play Dragon Tiger New88 that not everyone knows

Besides understanding the basic knowledge related to the game, accumulating more effective tricks is a smart way to play. You can apply some of the tips below to increase the accuracy of your bets:

  • The golden time for you to place New88 Dragon Tiger bets is when the Dealer deals the cards to each person.
  • During the betting game, don’t just focus on your cards, you need to expand your scope of observation to your subjects to fully grasp the situation.
  • Betting on the dragon or tiger is the safest option and can avoid many unnecessary risks.
  • Don’t follow the voice of the crowd because it can easily influence your psychology and choices. Use a cool head and steady, calm reason to analyze and make wise decisions.


Above is some of the most basic information related to the attractive gameDragon Tiger New88 which we want to share with everyone. Hopefully with this article, you will be able to better understand the game as well as know how to bet effectively.

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