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Do Young People Really Enjoy Bingo?

We have heard it time and time again, reinforced through film and tv that bingo is a thing for the past and certainly not a game for young people. But how true is this? The idea is so maintained and set in that bingo was popular throughout the 1970s and 80s in the United Kingdom that now it can often appear as a dated betting game – check out OnlineBingo.

What is truly missing, however, is that if you separate the game from the stigma around it, we strip down and see a high-energy and exciting game that encourages socialising and community, so why does that have to be just for older people?

Why Does Bingo not Appear to Appeal to Younger People?

As in the aforementioned, bingo halls and the tradition of attending them seems like a real blast from the past, in the olden days when our choices were limited and casinos were not as popular, hence why people might perceive the bingo club as outdated. However, a high roller such as yourself, should know that you can get your kicks in the most sociable of fashions down at the bingo hall!

We have set out a few easy to follow reasons as to why bingo is misconstrued and in fact very accessible to younger audiences:

  1.  It is a sociable game – The hall is packed with often hundreds of players, all conversing and chattering and most importantly making friends, this is the perfect crowd for anyone wanting to meet new people!
  2.  The jackpots can be ludicrously big – We know that everyone likes a big prize, but young people are in it for the money more than anything else, hence why the more people playing, often the larger that sweet jackpot
  3. Screaming ‘bingo!’ – These days do you ever get an opportunity to really let yourself go wild and shout to the high heavens, we bingo lets you do just that with the added intensity and tension of the long awaited number calls
  4.  The game can be online – Everything has gone digital these days, including the most popular casino games. So with bingo being online too it is not difficult to play it ever and even more accessible to the youths of this age.

It should not be that bingo is not a game for younger people, of course it is! All the attributes point to it being exactly what young people want, and with excitingly large prizes, who would not want to play!

How to Access Bingo

There are a few ways to get involved and start winning big!

  •  Bingo Halls – There are hundreds of clubs around the country which are happy to let non members play along, just turn up, buy your card and daub away!
  •  Online – If you are feeling a night in, then just search online for bingo and you will easily find hundreds of sites hosting bingo games. Sign up, get your pens ready, and best of luck.

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