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Creative Ways To Play With Bubble Gun Toy

We all know how much kids love bubbles. Now you can give them a bubble gun toy that allows them to make bubbles outside easily. A bubble gun is also perfect for parties and get-togethers because you don’t have to worry about running out of bubble mixes or having enough room for blowing them. I have collected some useful tips on how best to play with your child using this fun and easy-to-use toy:

The Bubble Gun comes in many colors, including blue, green, red, yellow, and purple. This toy can shoot about 4 feet high on full blast mode. They can shoot out about 6 feet high when on full blast mode! The giant version of these toys shoots about 12 feet high when on full blast mode! Other bubble guns are also available at Alibaba, such as the Liquidator Bubble Gun. They shoot out colored liquid bubbles up to 50 feet.

Place the bubble tube over a bottle of bubble mixture.

Before using it, make sure it is clean. Then, it’s time to play. The first thing you need is somewhere to play. If you’re going outside, ensure there is plenty of room. Otherwise, find an area free of furniture or anything else that could get wet from too many bubbles.

Grab your bottle of bubble mixture and place it upside down over the opening on top of your gun with a funnel inserted into its neck. So no water gets inside when ingredients like dish detergent or glycerin are poured into grooves beneath each chamber at the bottom half. This connects both chambers, allowing air to flow through holes between them.

This allows high pressure, resulting in forceful release when the trigger pulls, releasing streamers upward toward the target area, where they burst into small bursts. The bigger the area, the more fun it will be for everyone. Make sure you set up your bubble gun toy in a safe place.

Fan can blow the bubble.

The spinning propeller and fan can blow bubbles which can be popped easily by children. In addition, the bubble gun toy is fun for kids to play with.

Hold the bubble toy gun properly.

Show your kid how to hold the bubble gun properly. Hold the bubble gun at a 45-degree angle, close to his face, and not pointing at anyone. If you have more than one kiddos playing, it is better to give each a different colored gun, so they don’t argue who got whose bubbles.

If you have more than one kiddos playing, it is better to give each a different colored gun, so they don’t argue who got whose bubbles. You can also add variety by giving them different shaped guns or colored bubble mixtures. Some people use a different color for each child and then just let them run around with their colors!

What is the best place to get a bubble gun toy?

Alibaba is the best place to get these toys. They are a massive hit with kids and a great way to keep little ones entertained while you’re at work. They have them in every color and size imaginable, so you can find exactly what your kid needs.


We explained here some creative ways to play with a bubble toy gun. You need these toy guns if you also want your children to be creative.

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