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Blackjack Game Guide Effective strategies, game rules and tips to increase your chances of winning

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games for gamblers. It has a very complex strategy based on mathematics, for which practice at a fast pace is desirable. What follows is a small guide about the game that awaits you. Perhaps it will fascinate you and you will want to try playing it yourself!

Guide to Blackjack

The player’s goal is to get the maximum number of points – more than the dealer, but not more than the value of 21 points. Having 22 or more points is called a Bust, and this results in a loss. If there is a tie, it means a tie (Push). Blackjack is the oldest combination in the game. It is equal to the presence of Ace and any card from ten up (inclusive), and leads directly to victory.

Card values

– Ace: 1 or 11 points at the player’s choice

– King, Queen and Jack are worth 10 points

– The Ten is also 10 points

– All other cards have their face value


Shuffle means to shuffle the cards. In both physical gambling clubs and online casinos, this can happen when the card game is concluded. In the case of a real game at a live table, it takes more time. And in the case of remote access via a mobile device, you can be sure that the deck is indeed shuffled randomly.

Shoe, Shoes

This is a box with 6 or 8 shuffled decks of cards. On the other side of the player, there is a “discard box” for played cards. The dealer draws cards one at a time and deals them to the players.  All cards at once do not participate in the game. The deck is usually dealt in half.

Drawing and discarding cards

A player may draw cards for any total number of points except 21. The dealer has a limit of 17 points. The designation Hit is used as taking a card to oneself. A player may also refuse to take a set of cards – this action is called Stay (Stand).

Raise bet

Doubling means increasing the bet by two times. Triple (Treble) allows you to triple the bet. In the online game Power Blackjack, you can quadruple your bet. Moreover, many other games have already borrowed this and put it into practice in their projects.

Pair splitting

If a player has been dealt two cards of the same value, it is possible to split them. This can be called opening a second box. On the second card the original bet can be placed. Splitting is allowed from one to three, after that doubling is almost always allowed.

Retreat and Insurance

If a player is sure that his bet will lose, it is possible to give up for half the bet. Some rules allow this and it is very attractive. It is also possible to hedge against the dealer’s Blackjack loss if he has an Ace. This option does not favor the player and pays 2:1.

Popular Types of Blackjack

There are also different types of blackjack and each has its own characteristics:

– Classic

– European

– Atlantic City

– Open

– Single deck

– Switch

All types of this game can be found at Qbet casino.


Blackjack is a fascinating mathematical game where you have to take the right advantage of the situation. Needless to say, like any other game of chance, there is a lot of luck involved. But everyone can develop a strategy for themselves to take advantage of the right situation and turn the outcome in their favor. Try playing and you!

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