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Avoid these blunders after a car crash in Glastonbury

Vehicle accidents in Glastonbury often have catastrophic outcomes for those involved. If you were hurt in a car crash in the city, you should be cautious about dealing with the aftermath. When the other driver was negligent, you have the right to ask for compensation, which will help with the financial losses, including your medical treatment. It is also advisable to meet a lawyer near you to understand Connecticut laws. In this post, check the common blunders you must avoid to protect your rights.

#1 – Running away or not stopping the vehicle

People often assume that they are not required to stop if the accident was a minor fender bender, which is untrue. Always stop at the scene and ensure that everyone who needs medical care and help gets attention. Call 911 if necessary. If you run away from the spot, you may have additional criminal charges to deal with, which is obviously not desirable. Also, don’t leave until the police say so.

#2 – Not seeking medical care

You may not have visible injuries, but you should see a doctor anyway. Following a car accident, victims often experience pain and discomfort weeks after, and it is best to seek medical attention. The step will ensure that there are records for your injuries after the mishap, and treatment information will come in handy when you initiate the claim.

#3 – Delaying the meeting with an attorney

You have two years for car accident lawsuits in Connecticut. In other words, you must file the lawsuit within two years from the date of injury. More importantly, if you fail to recover and collect evidence from various sources within time, you may not have enough scope to prove liability. Consider seeing an attorney at the earliest so you don’t miss essential details. A seasoned lawyer will start investigating the crash immediately.

#4 – Posting on social media

Your car crash is not a matter of discussion. We are usually excited about posting new information on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but posting about the injuries or your side of the store could go against you. Your lawyer will take care of the insurance claim and everything else, and you should refrain from talking about the mishap or the other party’s fault with anyone.

If you are at the scene, don’t agree to any wrongdoing and avoid blaming the other party. Get an attorney so that you can start the paperwork.

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